Libérée Release Personal Lube

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Liberee Release personal lubricant was created to help women ensure a pleasurable experience every time. Our Lube is PH balanced and unscented to match a women’s natural environment. It is made with a vegetable-based silicone alternative that allows for a serious glide without having harmful chemicals or eroding condoms. Release also contains a hyaluronic acid complex to increase the vagina’s natural moisture and elasticity and added pre and probiotics further help to nourish the vaginal tissue.

We only use natural, organic, and vegan ingredients, so our lube is always free from chemicals, reproductive toxins, endocrine disruptors, and carcinogens. And the formula is safe for use with both toys and condoms.

So lay back, relax, and let our lube shatter your big-O expectations!

With Liberee Release Personal lubricant your body will relax and enjoy every moment.

*Drug test safe.

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