Libérée Pleasure Pearls 25mg CBD/ 25mg Delta-8

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Every woman’s secret weapon.

Libérée’s Pleasure Pearls are every woman’s secret weapon.

Created with the perfect ratio of Delta 8 THC and CBD, our pearls help soothe and relax tissues in the vaginal wall and cervix to allow for more enjoyable penetrative sex or to ease pain during menstruation.

Weather you are looking to enhance the sexual experience, or relieve discomfort during intercourse, these little beauties will contribute. These pearls have also significantly decreased menstrual pain and cramps for some participants in Libérée trials.

Our pearls put you in charge of your sexual health and wellness.

Using the included reusable applicator, simply insert one pearl into the vagina as needed. Pleasure pearls can decrease inflammation, and boost natural moisture levels. These are also PH and Osmolality balanced and contain evening primrose oil which helps with your natural moisture levels, as well as a pre and probiotic blend to keep your microflora happy and aloe vera to sooth tissues.

With these tiny pearls, you will enjoy every moment you and your partner have together.

So whether you’re looking for a way to enjoy increased intimacy and comfort every time you have sex or ease the pains of your period, you’ll want to have these tiny pearls on hand so you’re ready whenever the moment strikes.

*May degrade silicone condoms. Not drug test safe.

10 count

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