CBD Lotion Bulk- 1/2 gallon


CBD Essentials brand Flex Mobility Pain Cream is unlike any other CBD Pain Lotion you’ve ever tried.
First, our CBD is locally grown, harvested, dried, processed and extracted in one facility. We are the only ones that contact our product from the time it is planted until it is bottled. Great care is taken using the newest and best equipment to produce one of the highest quality full-spectrum distillates money can buy. And, since we’re the grower, processor and manufacturer, our costs are kept extremely low ensuring a top notch product that you can get your hands on at an extremely fair price.
Second, we don’t just use bulk or wholesale lotion. No way! We were making lotion long before CBD was around. Our almost decade-old recipe is like none you’ve ever tried. People from all over have been using our lotion for many years and it has become a local phenomenon of sorts. The extremely rich, long lasting and superbly hydrating formula will have you wondering where it’s been your entire life. And, since our lotion lasts so long, it is a fantastic carrier lotion for our CBD – meaning it doesn’t evaporate quickly causing the CBD absorption to be reduced. You’ll get the full benefit of the CBD so your comfort can last longer.
Please note: A little goes a long way, so apply accordingly. This makes the lotion go a lot further than other brands – saving you money.
Grab some today and see for yourself what others have known for a while – CBD Essentials Flex Mobility Pain Cream is rich and effective. It will become a staple in your home just as it has in so many others.
Currently available in One (1) Gallon and 1/2 Gallon sizes.
For every one (1) fluid ounce there is 1000mg high-quality full-spectrum CBD oil.
Third party lab tests show 34.18 mg/g of CBD in this lotion (see lab report).
THC content is <0.3%


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